Cronulla Sand dune morning - The Well x 440 Run Club

When: Sunday 10th March, 2019
Time: 7:00am Sharp
Where: Wanda Beach Carpark, Murdock St, Wanda, (next to Don Lucas Reserve)
Cost: Free

Book via The Well app to secure your spot or just turn up!!

Looking for a challenge????

The Well x 440 Run Club invites you to a morning of fun at The Cronulla / Wanda Sand Dunes!

If you really want to challenge yourself, there’s no session tougher than these sand dunes.

We’re going to run the session together with our resident crazy member, Trent Knox and his lunatic mates from the Bronte @the_440 - so the pace will be on up front, while Keiran will be travelling at a much more sensible pace and making sure the people up the back of the pack have some company.

The hills vary in size and steepness and although we’ll start together, the number of hills you complete is totally up to you. We’ll be there to guide / direct you but the only person you’ll be competing with is yourself.  The beauty of this session is no matter what your fitness level, you will be challenged mentally and physically and finish with a feeling of true accomplishment.

The session takes about an hour, including the 800m jog each way from the Wanda Beach carpark. After the run we’ll then go and dive in the ocean for a much needed swim and for those who want to sit, chill and share the stories of pain, finish off with a coffee / juice and / or breakfast at the café.

Wanda is about 40-50 minutes drive from Bondi and we want to start on time, so aim to be there at least 15 minutes early, as we will leave the carpark to start the run at 7am. Full details will be provided as we get closer but here’s some tips to help you get ready.