Alexis is drawn to massage therapy after many years of experiencing the benefits of herself first hand. After completing her studies in Sydney several years ago she opened her own massage practice and works in a holistic and nurturing way.Alexis has long practised yoga, meditation and pilates and holds a diploma of Holistic Counselling and Life Care and a Performing Arts degree. She also has a background working in mental health and believes strongly that the mind/ body balance is integral for our equilibrium.
After having her daughter, Alexis felt profoundly passionate about women’s health and well-being and furthered her massage study.

She now specialises in women’s health, pregnancy and post-natal massage therapy.Her treatments are nurturing and nourishing and support women and mums on a physical, mental and emotional level. Using the purest of organic oils and beautifully infused aromatherapy blends, Alexis personalises her treatments for each client so they are felt on all levels and promotes healing, hormone balancing, body connection, relaxation and rejuvenation.