About Me
Growing up on the land in North Queensland, I have always had a strong connection to the Earth. Movement was innate – exploring barefoot with my siblings, climbing trees, wading through strange waters & only coming home once it was too dark to see snakes. Yoga came later when I moved to Sydney & was searching for connection. It’s what fascinates me on a daily basis – connection to ourselves, to each other & this beautiful planet we abide. As a qualified nutritionist, before finding yoga, I tapped into holistic wellness through food & tea. You can still find me sipping something delicious from my favourite mug most days.

With deep respect to both the Laughing Lotus & Jivamukti yoga lineages, I continue to study & practice Vinyaya yoga under my teachers Katie Manitsas & Deb Langley as often as I can. My love for Yin Yoga was set alight by Satu Tuomela of Embodied Flow & this Tantric / Traditional Chinese Medicine fusion influences much of my teaching & practices. I’ve also studied Ayurveda (the science of life) & am a qualified Nutritionist. My very first yoga experience was Power Yoga with Bryan Kest!