Jody has been a dedicated Yogi since age 13 and teacher for fifteen years. She completed her initial teacher training at the distinguished “Yoga Works” school in Los Angeles and is well versed in all forms of hatha yoga. Pursuing further studies in meditation, anatomy and energetic alignment has allowed Jody to develop an enriched and dynamic teaching ethos. Her teaching process and philosophy are further complemented by tertiary degrees in education and the performing arts.
What is Energy Balancing and Healing?
Even with a great exercise regime and diet, we can still feel slightly off-kilter or unaligned. By identifying blockages and obstacles to growth, energy healing aims to restore the mind, body, and soul to a state of perfect equilibrium ­– if you like call it a reconnection with your true self. The ultimate aim is to become aware of the various forces influencing your energy levels and to learn to make decisions, which will maximize your energy flow and sense of well-being.
At the conclusion of a session clients usually feel more grounded and clear, and often experience a distinct lightness of being. By identifying blockages and obstacles to growth, Jody’s treatments stimulate a re-connection with a more authentic sense of self.
Although the restorative benefits of the process are apparent at any point in your life, the most powerful results are often seen when recovering from an illness, injury or trauma. Available as an individual session or full, twelve-week energy alignment.