Karen grew up in an family of athletes so fitness and competition was always dinner conversation. Her two passions have always been fitness and design which led her to be a successful Graphic Designer in the top studios in Sydney and Hong Kong for over 20 years. Hours spent over a computer however caused her to fall in love with the movement of Pilates to correct postural issues created from working daily life and to challenge the body intelligently.
Over 10 years ago she fell in love with Pilates Studio equipment. This led her to explore it more intensely and what started out as an healthy obsession led her to become a Certified Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio and Mat teacher in Hong Kong training over 400 hours. She is also a certified Xtend Barre Instructor and taught extensively in Hong Kong’s premier Pilates and Barre Studio. Karen has attended many Pilates conferences throughout Asia Pacific and continues to evolve her interest in movement and the body by seeking out the world’s leaders in workshops and seminars.
Karen loves to teach her classes with precision, challenging her clients and inspiring them through intelligent movement. Her personality has always been to go hard but with Pilates she also brings the philosophy of working smarter through purposeful movement.