Chiropractors are well known for the manipulation of the spine and the treatment of the nervous system. However, did you know we utilise a multi-modal approach to musculo-skeletal treatment, including dry needling, soft tissue work, mobilisation, exercise prescription and education.

A big part of our chiropractic treatment at The Well is the active component to your care. Not only get you out of pain but to prevent recurrence of injury and provide long-term performance or pain solutionsAs allied health professionals, their services are covered under Medicare and private health funds.

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Luke White


Luke is an experienced sports chiropractor, having worked with a variety of populations from everyday client to elite athlete. Luke’s focus is on getting you strong, and he incorporates a mix of manual therapy with progressive strength work in the gym. Luke has progressed his knowledge further by completing a number of functional movement courses, Musculoskeletal Dry Needling certification, and Sports Trainer courses. He’s been exposed to a variety of populations; from everyday patient to elite athlete, particularly in the fields of powerlifting, athletics and water polo.

Having played high level sport throughout his teen years (water polo and swimming) and with a strong passion for functional training, the importance of movement therapy and exercise has come to the forefront of treatment, as he works to not only treat ones pain, but find the root cause of dysfunction, and help bridge the gap between preventing injury, rehabilitation and ultimately performance, whatever level that may be!