Massage therapy has a vital role to play in the advancement of integrative health care. Massage also compliments the benefits of other therapeutic modalities and in itself has positive benefits to each of the four aspects of health ie; body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Massage has proved to be beneficial for stress and pain management and was used in clinical mainstream medicine for pre and post surgery, as it was found to help repair the soft tissues of the body much quicker. Whether you are looking to unwind, relax or help repair an injury, massage can help. We offer remedial massage, sports massage, deep tissue, and relaxation. Our massage therapists will tailor the session to suit you.


Alexis Hammerton

Holistic Massage Therapist

Alexis is drawn to massage therapy after many years of experiencing the benefits of herself first hand. After completing her studies in Sydney several years ago she opened her own massage practice and works in a holistic and nurturing way. Alexis has long practised yoga, meditation and pilates and holds a diploma of Holistic Counselling and Life Care and a Performing Arts degree. She also has a background working in mental health and believes strongly that the mind/ body balance is integral for our equilibrium.

After having her daughter, Alexis felt profoundly passionate about women’s health and well-being and furthered her massage study.



Radley Spring

Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer

Radley wants you to spring out of bed, to be pain-free, and to have your body keep pace with your dreams.

Radley has a background as an elite athlete & has worked extensively as a performance, movement & recovery specialist. Whilst studying economics at the University of Pennsylvania and rowing for the USA, Radley trained in sports & remedial massage. During the following two decades he added the disciplines of myofascial & deep tissue massage, biomechanics & postural correction, as well as personal training to his skill set.