Wellness As A Way Of Life – Robby Ingham

Wellness is a very broad term. I have just returned from the Global Wellness Institute annual summit. It was held at the Technogym Campus in Cesena Italy. This is an absolutely amazing campus where wellness and health are central themes with everything. They have in fact been instrumental in having this region named THE WELLNESS VALLEY.

The main theme for this years summit was preventable disease. And GWI’s MOONSHOT dream is a world free of preventable disease. The great thing about this is that I am a firm believer in prevention being better than cure. I have been seeing the same doctor/professor for over twenty five years. In this time he has taught me a huge amount about preventative health. I have also seen this area go from being something only a few people talked about to corporations having a wellness strategy. Large firms now employ wellness advisers for their staff. They also include gyms, yoga and stress management etc in day to day activities.

When Keiran and I talked about opening The Well we had no idea what I was getting into. Keiran had university degrees and 30 years’ experience training everyone from Olympic athletes to fat old men. I used to be somewhere in the middle. I felt I was quiet knowledgeable about preventative medicine, exercise and diet. Definitely not an expert but knowledgeable. But as Sargent Schultz would say I SEE NOTHING, I HEAR NOTHING, I KNOW NOTHING. The wellness world is truly huge. According to the Wellness Institute figures it is now USD4.2 trillion per year. And it is growing rapidly. Much of this is due to the amazing advancements being made in research including DNA and general testing. You can now find out so much more than you could only a few years ago. But be warned like Alice down the rabbit hole you can end up in wonderland land looking for the green healthy road back to Kansas. Trying to decipher what you should be doing is really difficult. So luckily for you The Well is here to help. But in saying that we are definitely not a one stop answer to all the wellness questions you might have. I do not believe anyone can answer all your wellness questions. The quest should be to find as many good people as you can to help you discover how to increase your longevity, health and happiness. At The Well we are assembling a great team of people who we believe are best in their chosen fields.

We have a general manager who loves training and is fond of working out til she vomits, you will be thankful to know we send her to vomit in other peoples gyms, or our 2-0 cage fighting queen of sales. Then there is our kids yoga instructor who doubles as our marketing and mindbody guru or our singing and dancing events manager. And who can forget about our nutritionist whose vast experience in fine dining is amazing, name any of the worlds best restaurants and she has probably been there and can tell you about her meal. And of course there is our shy little EP from Darwin who has blossomed into the Social Media queen and also cannot stop talking about Bands Butts and Balls. Of course that is just a small selection of the team. we have so many more. But we don’t have everything. That is done on purpose. We don’t want to get just any therapist. We want the person who understands what we are doing. And wants to come along on the journey to inform our members and anyone who will listen how to reach their goals. And those goals should be a BLUE ZONE life expectancy, the fitness level of someone half your age and a huge smile every day when you wake up. Sadly the only person who can make sure you get this is yourself. We can help but you must be the asking the questions and searching for the answers. At The Well we can definitely give you a huge advantage but you must also do some work.

If you are part of The Well family we hope you are enjoying yourself and please let us know what else we can do. If you are not, well as Julia Roberts told the sales assistant in Pretty Woman, BIG


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