Welcome to the well. We exist for one purpose, to support you in feeling 100%. At the well, we operate around four core pathways of wellness. Each pathway is independent but we integrate them to lead to total wellbeing. Our team will look across all these elements to identify what you need, including what you will enjoy.

For us, health isn’t just about beauty, its about how you feel inside, in your body, in your mind, in your heart.

Flow, balance and flexibility are the core part of being 100%. As you might expect, this is really looking at your physical body in detail and breaking it down. To understand what you need to be your best. The scope for maintaining a healthy body is so broad that we have a depth of expertise and facilities at The Well. Our upstairs gym features state- of -the- art exercise equipment and studios for Yoga and Pilates. We offer personal and group classes for a diverse range of activities that make it social and fun to improve all aspects of fitness. The right activity for your health depends on what your body needs and finding the activities you'll enjoy.
Everyone knows you are what you eat. Over the years we've seen how changes in our client's nutrition alone can help transform their mood, mindset, health and physical appearance. We are passionate advocates about the core pathway of diet and nutrition. It is a vertical theory that begins with the source and quality of produce and then moves through how it is prepared and created into food that you enjoy eating that also drives your health. Our qualified nutritionists are able to review and enhance your diet, and we have a real passion and skill to make eating nutritious and easy to maintain. You will also know we have an incredible facility in The Well cafe where you can enjoy healthy food absolutely desirable, colourful and delicious.
Be Well is about ensuring you have a healthy mind. Are you busy and feel under pressure? Are you stressed or maybe struggle to maintain focus? Your mental state, resilience and fortitude are huge topics and effect everything you do. We use our expertise to work with you to unbundle challenges and to develop strategies to overcome them. For some people, this can be as simple as changing the type of exercise or time you train, or adding yoga or meditation to your life, whilst others need more specific support. Because we have an integrated approach, together we will identify how your diet and mental health are related. Then we can set a course to resolve any issues.
Too often people wait until they have a big problem before seeing a therapist. Like regular service for your car, we encourage you to think about therapy for prevention rather than repair. This is all part of helping you feel your best every day. We can help you overcome and/ or send you to the best therapist to prevent this from impacting your health. Ideally, though, you won't have to run around town to experience these therapies as we offer so much in-house. Most importantly you will benefit from our integrated approach across The Well trainer, nutritionist, physiotherapist, acupuncture, chiropractor, osteopath or masseuse. These experts will share information and meet regularly to discuss your needs and treatment to ensure your health goals are completely achieved.




Here at The Well, we recognise that the human condition is complex. To support this, we provide a unique breadth and depth of classes, personal training and therapies. Our team of professionals share an authentic, caring nature, with a focus on supporting you to be the best version of yourself.

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