Club Code


To ensure The Well Bondi is able to provide a high level of service in a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for all, members and casual visitors must comply with the following conditions as part of their entry:


a) We want you to work up a sweat! Just use a towel - complimentary sweat towels are available at reception, and must be used at all times.

b) If you’re strong enough to pick it up, you’re strong enough to put it away - all weights and equipment must be returned to its correct place after use.

c) Please, don’t chew gum in the training area.

d) Please be mindful of where you place equipment when using it, and avoid dropping weights.

e) Please keep loud or offensive language to a minimum whilst on the premises or when leaving the club - we love our neighbours and want them to be happy.

f) Appropriate training attire and footwear must be worn on the gym floor - if you are lifting weights or using cardio equipment you must wear closed in shoes to protect your feet!

g) No food to be consumed while using gym equipment or during group classes.

h) Please be on time - for your safety, we can’t allow entry to a group class 5 minutes after it starts.

i) Wipes are available for use on the gym floor - please wipe down equipment after use.

j) Trying for a PB? Don’t lift heavy without a spot - if you’re training solo, feel free to ask a trainer for help.

k) Lockers are available free to use in bathrooms as well as on the gym floor - please keep clothing and personal items in lockers.

l) Working up a sweat? Complimentary deodorant is available at reception for your use.