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Meet Our Personal Trainers

Take your strength and training to the next level by booking in with one of our highly experienced personal trainers for a 1:1 session at The Well Bondi Beach. Personal training is a great way to begin your fitness journey or just check to see how you are progressing

Imagine if you had a personal trainer by your side to help you kickstart and start achieving your goals! We work with you to build a highly personalized plan to meet your unique and important individual needs. 


Caroline Fitzgerald
Tier 1

Smiling Assassin

Caroline is an experienced Accredited Exercise Physiologist and one of the best Pilates teachers in the business. Caroline has a passion for musculoskeletal rehabilitation and loves integrating Pilates methods into each one of her client’s training programs to provide them with the best possible results.


Radley Spring
Tier 1

Cultured. Creative. Empathetic

Radley encourages you to move your body and keep pace with your dreams. He has a background as an elite athlete & has worked extensively as a performance, movement & recovery specialist. Radley is also an amazing sports/ remedial massage therapist.


Keiran Barry
Tier 1

Older. Wiser. Meaner

Keiran has trained hundreds of people of all ages and fitness levels, from total novices through to many professional athletes in a variety of sports. Keiran has an in-depth understanding of human physiology and what each individual needs to feel their best. He’s also a bloody good surfer and all-time legend!


Matt Wiadrowski
Tier 2

Big. Friendly. Giant

Matt is an extremely active person – whether it is surfboat rowing or lifesaving, he understands the importance of keeping fit and healthy. Matt has a passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation due to his physiotherapy studies and is constantly trying and learning new forms of training to provide clients with the best possible results.

Ben Whitby
Tier 2

Energetic. Intuitive. Motivating

Ben is an experienced trainer and fitness enthusiast, who’s love for all things training shows through in his challenging but exciting training style. Having worked in many facilities in the UK and for the past 2 years, Sydney; he is constantly striving to develop his knowledge, so to provide his clients with the most up to date and effective training methods. During his development as a coach, Ben has gained a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and also attributes his knowledge to his own fitness journey applying graduate understanding to the programming of his clients and himself.


Personal Training 1:1


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Fitness 1:1-45mins

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Fitness 1:1-45mins (10 Sessions)

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Yoga + Pilates 1:1-60mins

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Yoga + Pilates 1:1-60mins (10 Sessions)

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